Board of Directors

The Directors of Old Mission Bank consist of local business owners who are committed to serving their customers and the community.

Steven J. Cannello, Chairman

Gary L. Sharp, President/CEO

Catherine E. Chenoweth, EVP/CFO

Carol A. Brawley

Kevin P. Cooper

David E. Firack

Theodore H. Haapala

Anthony J. Haller

James E. Halvorsen

Jeanine M. LaCross

D. Joseph McCoy


With over 450 years combined banking experience, our staff is able to assist our customers in meeting their banking needs. Our officers are committed to quality assistance and customer satisfaction.

Gary L. Sharp, President/CEO
(906) 253-8003

Catherine E. Chenoweth, EVP/CFO
(906) 253-8011

Steven R. Glezen, SVP/CLO
(906) 253-8010

Anna C. Caldwell, VP/LSO
(906) 253-8024

Sheena M. Andrzejak, AVP/Financial/HR Assistant

Nicholas Kibble, AVP/Commercial/Retail Lending Officer
(906) 253-8028

Claudia T. Weiler, AVP/Main Office Branch Manager
(906) 253-8021

Lindsey A. Benson, Officer-Pickford Office Branch Manager
(906) 253-8033

Sara A. Cottle, Compliance and Marketing Officer 
(906) 253-8038

Deborah A. Iser, Operations Officer
(906) 253-8007

 André M. Jacques, Lending Officer
(906) 253-8025

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