Set alerts to keep you updated on your debit card and alert you of potential fraud. Choose from text or email alerts.

  • Free, secure, and easy-to-use service for OMB customers*:
    • Stay on top of your debit card usage
    • Reduce potential for fraud
    • Avoid overdrafts
  • Available as a text or email message
  • Choose from a variety of real-time alerts:
    • Signature alert – sent when you do not use your PIN at the register
    • Add funds alert – sent when a credit is recorded using your debit card
    • Funds removed alert – sent when a debit is recorded using your debit card
    • Card status change alert – helps mitigate risk if a card status changes
    • On-demand balance inquiry – check your account balance 24/7 by texting “BAL” to short code 58084
  • Works on most devices and with most carriers
  • Works with multiple cards

To learn more, view our Debit Card Alerts FAQ (PDF).

Disclosures & FAQ

Below are electronic copies of the disclosures and FAQs for OMB Alerts. Please feel free to contact us at (906) 635-9910 with any questions you may have regarding this product.

*Standard messaging rates may apply.

We make it easy with our switch kit in PDF.
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