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Set alerts to keep you updated on your debit card and alert you of potential fraud. Choose from text or email alerts.

  • Free, secure, and easy-to-use service for OMB customers*:
    • Stay on top of your debit card usage
    • Reduce potential for fraud
    • Avoid overdrafts
  • Available as a text or email message
  • Choose from a variety of real-time alerts:
    • Signature alert – sent when you do not use your PIN at the register
    • Add funds alert – sent when a credit is recorded using your debit card
    • Funds removed alert – sent when a debit is recorded using your debit card
    • Card status change alert – helps mitigate risk if a card status changes
    • On-demand balance inquiry – check your account balance 24/7 by texting “BAL” to short code 58084
  • Works on most devices and with most carriers
  • Works with multiple cards

To learn more, view our Debit Card Alerts FAQ (PDF).

Below are electronic copies of the disclosures and FAQs for OMB Alerts. Please feel free to contact us at (906) 635-9910 with any questions you may have regarding this product.

OMB Alerts Terms of Use
OMB Alerts FAQs
OMB Alerts-Basic Facts
Electronic Documentation Consent Disclosure

*Standard messaging rates may apply.